Family Finds Qatar: Healthy options for your little ones

Welcome to our newest series where we help families who are new to Qatar settle in and find those items and services that make the adjustment to family life in a new country all-the-more smooth! Click here read on!

New to Qatar? Here are some top expat tips to help you get settled!

If you’re contemplating moving to Qatar, or have just made the move and are learning to adapt to your new surroundings, here are some tips to getting settled from former long-time Qatar expat and blogger Ms. Hala! Click here to read on.

Top 5 signs you’re an expat parent

From long-distance Skype sessions, to learning first words in three different languages, raising a child away from your home country is an adventure in itself. ILQ’s Amelia Miller is one such parent, having been a long-time expat in both Qatar and the UAE. Here are her Top 5 sure-fire signs that you’re raising a world child as an expat Mum.

Things To Do in Doha This Week: September 18 - September 25

ILQ has come up with a list of top event picks for this week! From movie screenings to paper mâché workshops, take your pick! Read on to find out more!

Buying vs. Renting a car in Qatar: Some tips

A car is not a luxury in Qatar, it's a necessity. While choosing the right brand and model can be a tough decision for many, buyers often face another dilemma - to buy or to rent. Both options come with their share of pros and cons, and eventually it boils down to a personal choice driven by various factor.

True stories from Qatar

True stories of an expat's first hand experiences in Qatar.

Child and Adolescent Anxiety Workshop

Qatar National Library auditorium
22 November / 5:00 pm

Doha’s lacking library culture

Does Doha have a library culture? We tackle the issue of Doha's lacking library and reading culture. Read on to find out more!