Weekend Family Fun Day

Intercontinental Hotel Doha
1 April / 9:00 am

KidzMondo Doha embraces a day of fun filled activities for the 6th National Sport Day

In light of Qatar’s 6th National Sports Day (NSD), KidzMondo Doha offered children the opportunity to cultivate their sporti

International Women's Day

Sheraton Hotel
8 March / 7:00 pm

Doha Festival City Sets a Precedent for Smart Malls in Qatar

Complimentary Wi-Fi, Smart Parking and Digital way finding will soon unite to offer a seamless, interactive entertainment and retail experience at Doha Festival City

50 new cinemas to open in 6 months as 35% rise in cinemagoers in Qatar over 3 years

The number of cinema halls in Qatar has crossed 100 and around 50 new cinemas are set to be opened over the next six months.

Dubai plans to open yet another amusement park

A Dubai developer that recently opened the world's largest indoor theme park now plans an even bigger attraction next door.

IKEA Celebrates National Day

IKEA, doha
17 December 2016 - 17 December 2016 / 8:00 am

10 Memes That Gamers Can Relate To

Check out our article on 10 memes we think gamers can relate to.

Qatar gears for wholesome Eid entertainment

Preparations are underway for Eid al-Adha celebrations at various locations in Qatar, aimed at providing an array of wholesome entertainment and cultural shows, as well as fun-filled activities, for residents and visitors.