Gender parity and women's (often) notion of 'inferiority' in the digital age

Britain didn't hail a new lady Prime Minister, 'Ghostbusters' didn't get a remake with an all-star female main cast, and JLo's 'Aint Your Mama' didn't accumulate 100M Youtube views in less than one month for nothing. Women are still an essential chunk of the society, regardless of how intricate their roles are. That's a fact that will live on for as long as there are people who are willing to broadcast their worth to the entire human race.

The Story of Asra: The First Khaleeji Female Superhero(ine)

Asra, a young 15-year-old girl, is on the path to save the Arabian Gulf from an evil fortune teller who seeks to obtain immortality through the collection of women's souls.

Nada Arakji: Doha’s Very Own “Little Mermaid”

Nicknamed “the mermaid” by her friends, Arakji, a swimming Olympian representing Qatar in this year’s Rio 2016 Olympics, has always had a passion for swimming from a young age.

Qatar Charity aims to fight global poverty through innovative solutions focusing on Education and empowerment

As part of its Microsoft Philanthropies division and its ‘Modern Non-profit’ campaign, Microsoft has announced that it will be making its cloud; Microsoft Azure available for

Nawaal Akram: Breaking stereotypes and changing narratives on disability

Nawaal Akram talks about bullying, being kicked out of school at ten, and media biases. All as a result of her being on a wheelchair. Read on to learn more about her story!

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