Dust-laden winds forecast for a week

The country is expected to experience windy and dusty conditions from tomorrow until the end of the week, the meteorological department has said in a statement.

Windy and dusty conditions to continue today

Doctors have advised people to stay indoors as much as possible as windy and dusty conditions continue in Doha and other parts of Qatar.

Strong winds expected to churn up dust on Tuesday

Strong winds are expected again in most parts of Qatar today along with low visibility in some places due to dust.

Dusty conditions expected today

The country is likely to experience dusty conditions at times today and there is also a chance of some rain

Another chilly day in store, strong winds likely

The temperature may drop to 11C in Doha as another windy and chilly day is expected in the country today

Strong winds, blowing dust Friday

The Met office has issued caution as sea levels may go up considerably at times to reach up to 14ft at times in the offshore areas. The average could be anywhere between seven and 12ft. Fishermen are instructed not to venture out.

Dusty conditions hit visibility; strong winds expected today

Strong winds are expected in parts of Qatar today after dusty conditions prevailed around the country and led to a sharp drop in visibility yesterday evening.

Strong winds, drop in temperature forecast

Qatar will continue experiencing a dip in temperature today along with strong winds, dusty conditions and poor visibility, according to the weather report.
Offshore areas, too, are likely to see strong winds and high seas today, the Met department has said.

Dusty conditions, strong winds expected on Tuesday

Strong winds are expected in the country today (8th Nov, 2016). A minimum temperature of 18C is expected

Weather expected to be dusty and windy on Friday

Strong winds are expected on Friday along with dusty conditions and low visibility in some places, the Qatar Met department has said.