Top spots to check out at Katara Cultural Village!

Katara Cultural Village is one of Doha’s most iconic locations - popular for art, food, culture, and a unique open air experience! Now that the weather is cooler, here are some top spots you should hit up if you visit! Click here to find out more!

Do Qataris have the Jambiya (dagger)?

QTips: Do Qataris have the Jambiya (dagger)?


In this week's episode, find out whether Qataris carry a Jambiya (dagger), or do they have something even scarier-looking? 

Qatar Guide: Discovering Qatar’s cultural sites and other treasures

Where is Qatar’s culture hidden? Explore the cultural gems of the country during your next visit, or on your weekend off. Where to find the best cultural sites is no secret – but it’s also not as easy as it may seem. However, you’re in luck – ILQ has found the 10 best destinations for cultural discoveries. Click here for more!


Qatarna TV wants you to meet the people of Qatar!

A new, locally-based video channel is showcasing Qatar to the world by introducing the people who live here, both locals and expats, to a global audience in a celebration of our diversity. Click here to learn more!

#QTip: Do Qataris get a free house?

#QTips: Do Qataris get a free house???


We know you're itching to know but were too shy to ask, so we break it down in this episode of QTips! Click here to watch! 

#QatarEvents: Here's what the new Qatar National Museum looks like!

ILQ Checks Out The New Qatar National Museum!


ILQ was invited to put our hard-hats on for a tour of the new Qatar National Museum taking shape along the Corniche! Want to know what it looks like inside? Click here to watch our video tour!

Sunrise to sunset: A day in the life of a Muslim family during Ramadan

Ever wondered how people from different backgrounds celebrate Ramadan in Qatar? Here are some insights into a Bengali household’s Ramadan traditions brought to you by ILQ’s Nushrat Anjum.

The ILQ Test Drive tries Made in Qatar products!

What food shortage!? In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive the team tries Qatari products! There are a lot more than you might think. This is one of our more special episodes where we spotlight Qatari culture and homegrown produce.

Top 5 Ramadan dishes from around the Arab world

Food not only brings people together, it makes people happy. ILQ brings you the top 5 Ramadan dishes from the Arab world! Read on to find out what they are! 

The ILQ Test Drive tries flavored popcorn!

In a very special episode of the ILQ Test Drive, sponsored by Virgin Megastores, the team tries different flavored popcorn! Watch the video and find out more! We’re also launching a competition in partnership with Virgin, you can find out the details within our post!