GCC Crisis Updates: Week 6

In latest news regarding the Qatar crisis, new information has been discovered pointing towards evidence about the hacking of QNA, and diplomats from France and the US have been visiting the Gulf in order to encourage talks and a resolution to the crisis. Read the article to find out more! 

GCC Crisis: Week 4 — what's happened since the "demand list"

Here's what has happened after neighboring countries issued a list of demands ten days ago, as a price for lifting the blockade on Qatar. 

Emir firm on maintaining standard of living in Qatar: Finance Minister

His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani has given firm instructions to do everything necessary to maintain the standard of living of the people in Qatar, immediately after the siege of the country began, HE the Minister of Finance has said.

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 3

Saudi Arabia deports camel and sheep belonging to Qatari herders, Turkey begins to import food by sea, new information is released about QNA hacks. Read more about the progress in Qatar's crisis as its third week comes to a close. 

Qatar will not give up: Dr. Khalid Al Shafi

Leading journalists of the country last night unanimously observed that blockade imposed against Qatar by three Gulf countries had backfired miserably failing in creating any negative impact on Qatar and its economy.

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 2

Qatar market stabilizes, Qatari spouses allowed to stay in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, Israel backs GCC, and more updates from the last two days. 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 1

In an ebb and flow of political moves, Qatar’s diplomatic crisis has become more widespread. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have labeled a number of Qatari names and organizations as ‘terrorist’, Turkish President expresses steadfast support for Qatar, and more developments from the region and around the world.