Tired of fake news? You can report it on Facebook!

There's a lot of fake news being circulated by news organizations on social media. The great thing is that you can now take action against the spreading of fake news, particularly on Facebook! Read on to find out more! 

Qatar crisis: Blockading countries issue list of 13 demands

Earlier today, the Arab nations that blockaded Qatar for three weeks without an official explanation have finally issued their list of demands. Read on to find out what they are. 

What you need to know as Qatar's diplomatic crisis enters its second week

Over a week after several countries cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, some are taking sides while a few others are calling for peace and a resolution to the crisis in the region. Give us a click to read more about what has been happening in the past three days. Also, we'll be keeping you constantly in the loop on new developments as they happen, and keep checking back every other day for our full brief of all need-to-know updates on the crisis. 

Qatari Narratives: How the Gulf dispute impacts the lives of ordinary people

In a heartfelt opinion feature, Ali Al-Ansari weighs in on the current Gulf rift effecting Qatar and its residents. Read on to find out more about what he has to say.

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 12

A lot has happened in the GCC crisis over the past week, including the broadcast of a controversial video targeting Qatar Airways flights and the spreading of false reports against Qatar. Click here to read more! 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 11

A new development has taken place in terms of Hajj for Qataris. The FM of Qatar has said rebuilding trust might take time. Click here to read more! 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 10

Find out the latest happenings of the GCC crisis here! 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 9

The latest updates in the crisis include Qatar signing a 5 billion euro navy vessel deal with Italy, and calls for Saudi Arabia to lift Hajj restrictions on Qataris. Read the article for more! 

Qatar: UN should play a role in resolving Gulf crisis

Qatar's foreign minister also accused the four Arab countries that have blockaded Doha of violating international law.

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 6

In latest news regarding the Qatar crisis, new information has been discovered pointing towards evidence about the hacking of QNA, and diplomats from France and the US have been visiting the Gulf in order to encourage talks and a resolution to the crisis. Read the article to find out more!