Qommunity Voices: Getting to know a Qatari cartoonist

Do you know much about Qatar’s local creative scene? ILQ had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Abdulaziz Yousef, a Qatari cartoonist, and found out more about him and the community of cartoonists in Doha. Read on to learn more about his story!

Qatar Museums presents its exciting Autumn program

Check out Qatar Museums' plans for this fall. They'll have exciting exhibits and activities everyone can enjoy! If you're a museum/art lover, this is definitely for you! Read on for more information!

Doha’s newest caricaturist “focuses on the best features of a person’s face”

The Caricature Shop Qatar is a new business in Doha that captures people in a comical way. Read on for more information!

Summer Camp - Inspirational 66

TCA Qatar, c-ring road, doha
10 July / 8:00 am

Dance To Connect

Yama Yoga Studios
7 November / 7:00 pm