Filipino actress Isabel Granada collapses while in Qatar

The actress was on a business trip to Qatar. Read the article for more information. 

5 ways you can give back to Qatar’s community

Kindness, a small act that can have a huge impact. We show you how simple actions speak the loudest when it comes to uniting our community here in Qatar. Click here to find out you can do your part!

#QatarEvents: Giving thanks to Qatar's workers with the Summer Cool Campaign!

A look back at Qatar's 2017 Summer Cool Campaign!


The 2017 Summer Cool Campaign saw the community unite to show their thanks and love towards Qatar's blue collar workers who are building our city under the heat. Click for our video re-cap that's sure to lift your spirits!

2017 Summer Cool Campaign gives thanks to Qatar's workers

Volunteers and community groups in Qatar came together on Saturday, September 9, 2017 to distribute cool-boxes of water, juice, and sunblock, in an effort of appreciation for those workers building our city under the heat. Click here to read more! 



How #DariQatar brings the country together!

A wonderful initiative by DFI and QTA brings together Qatar's community in all its diversity, showcasing its values, experiences, hopes and dreams. Watch #DariQatar, a documentary made with clips sent by residents of the country! 

The ILQ Test Drive Blooper Reel

This is an extra special episode of the ILQ Test Drive. You get to witness the raw, behind-the-scenes footage of the team limbering up for the shooting of each Test Drive episode. Although our reactions are real, we have a lot of silly and spontaneous moments, which naturally don’t make the final cut… See for yourself!

Qommunity Voices: The face behind the Faces of Qatar

Despite Qatar’s size, its dense population consists of a diverse melting pot. What better way to show Qatar’s cultural diversity than to capture and share the faces of an assortment of ethnicities? ILQ spoke with Mohammed Ismail, the innovator behind the Faces of Qatar, and got the opportunity to learn about his riveting journey and the inspiration behind his project. Read on to find out more about his story!

Qommunity Voices: Bridging social gaps through volunteer work

In our second piece of the Qommunity Voices series, we talk with Speed Ali from Qatar Volunteers about some of the campaigns and stories he’s been involved in and has experienced. Read on to find out how Speed and Qatar Volunteers gives back to the Doha community!

Call for donations issued after labour camp blazes

In the wake of fires that tore through two labour camps in Al Shahaniya and Al Saliya area on Friday leaving hundreds of workers in need, community groups across Qatar come together to aid those affected. ILQ lets you know how you can help.

Fostering a more Accessible Qatar

Accessible Qatar is a revolutionary application that provides information on disability-friendly locations across Doha. An initiative developed by Sasol, Accessible Qatar aims to help bolster the confidence of the disabled community and show them that they just as much a part of society as anyone else. Read on to learn more.