#QatarEvents: Giving thanks to Qatar's workers with the Summer Cool Campaign!

A look back at Qatar's 2017 Summer Cool Campaign!


The 2017 Summer Cool Campaign saw the community unite to show their thanks and love towards Qatar's blue collar workers who are building our city under the heat. Click for our video re-cap that's sure to lift your spirits!

2017 Summer Cool Campaign gives thanks to Qatar's workers

Volunteers and community groups in Qatar came together on Saturday, September 9, 2017 to distribute cool-boxes of water, juice, and sunblock, in an effort of appreciation for those workers building our city under the heat. Click here to read more! 



MBG -- How Wa'hab is changing food wastage in Qatar!

How Wa’hab is tackling food waste in Qatar while feeding those in need


Ramadan is the month of giving, and in the latest episode of our foodie series with Mama Baba Ganoush, we’re spending an evening of volunteerism at Wa’hab – Qatar’s newest social enterprise that gives surplus food to those in need. So give us a click to watch!

7 Days of kindness for a reflective Ramadan

It’s the beginning of the last 10 days of Ramadan! Have you been especially kind this Holy Month? Spiritual rewards for good deeds have never been this grand. Let’s have a look at the last 7 acts of kindness for you to complete during the holiest days of Ramadan!

Top 5 Ramadan essentials in a Muslim household

Time is flying by and we're almost halfway through with Ramadan! In the spirit of the Holy month, here are some of the behaviors and practices that are unique to households celebrating Ramadan! 

Your weekly acts of kindness for a benevolent Ramadan

Can’t get enough of ILQ’s acts of kindness for Ramadan? Want to try to master them all, together with your friends and family? Or, are you simply challenging yourself to be the very best and kindest? Click here for our second week of good deeds you can be practicing this Ramadan.


Soul food: Qatar’s Wa’hab nourishes the hunger and hearts of those in need

Waste not, want not – Wa’hab. This newly-launched social enterprise is putting this golden rule of life into practice by connecting Qatar’s surplus food to the people in need of it, acting as a link between charities, food and beverage outlets, and beneficiaries. ILQ meets its founders to learn more. 

Around the world on two wheels: Qatar’s Khalid Al-Jaber bikes for a cause

ILQ’s Rumana Shaikh meets Khalid Al-Jaber, the adventure motorcyclist who’s biking around the world in support of amputees in need of prosthetic limbs.


Qommunity Voices: Cycling for charity

In this week’s Qommunity Voices write-up, we feature Abdulla Al-Hammadi, an ardent member of Qatar Cyclists and someone who really cares about giving back to both the Doha community and communities in other parts of the world. Read on to learn more about his cycling ventures!

Qommunity Voices: Bridging social gaps through volunteer work

In our second piece of the Qommunity Voices series, we talk with Speed Ali from Qatar Volunteers about some of the campaigns and stories he’s been involved in and has experienced. Read on to find out how Speed and Qatar Volunteers gives back to the Doha community!