Going maritime with snacks from Nova Scotia, Canada!

The ILQ Test Drive tries Maritime snacks from Nova Scotia!


You might have seen our Canadian snacks Test Drive, but in our latest episode the team experiences the flavors of Nova Scotia - a small eastern and maritime Canadian province! 

So – do Canadian eggs taste better? We find out at Eggspectation Qatar!

Mama Baba Ganoush takes a look at the popular North American favourite, Eggspectation, at it’s new Mall of Qatar branch -- only to find out that it’s in fact, much more than it’s cracked up to be! (No pun intended – we promise!)

The ILQ Test Drive munches on Canadian snacks, eh?! Sorry, not sorry!

In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive, the team tries Canadian snacks! Watch our video and learn more about some of Canada's most beloved and popular snacks!

A Song To Alia and all Arab Women

Daniel MacIntyre was born in Halifax, Canada and has lived in the UAE for 7 years, teaching English as a second language and being a songwriter.

Gulf crisis will not affect 2022 FIFA World Cup: Qatar envoy to Canada

Qatar's Ambassador to Canada Fahad Mohammed Yusuf Kafood said that the Gulf crisis will not affect Qatar's hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Canadian activists call for lifting blockade on Qatar

A group of Canadian activists organised a demonstration in solidarity with the State of Qatar in central Montreal, the economic capital of Canada’s province of Quebec.

Doha’s lacking library culture

Does Doha have a library culture? We tackle the issue of Doha's lacking library and reading culture. Read on to find out more!

Ontario Builds Business Ties with Qatar

Dr. Eric Hoskins, the Canadian province of Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Employment, paid an official visit to Qatar as part of a wider mission he led to the region from Feb. 27 to Mar. 3.