Fresh video: Battle of the brands

Fashion blogger Being Layla is back on ILQ with her latest video showcasing some of the best brands in the business when it comes to active-wear for a healthy lifestyle. Oh, and did we mention there’s prizes to be won?

The Battle of the Brands Middle-East Features New Influencers

The Battle of the Brands Middle-East by Layla Al-Siyabi, aka BeingLayla.A, debuts its second episode in July and features a new face in its series.

A Fashion Blogger's Journey in the Middle-East: BeingLayla.A and the "Battle of the Brands"

Layla Al-Siyabi, a 27-year-old Qatar-based blogger, is one of those women who seek to inspire and break boundaries. BeingLayla.A (her blogger name), is a full-time mom and wife but is also dedicated to changing the regional fashion game with her new web series “Battle of the Brands: Middle-East”.