Qatari economy proves strength in facing siege

Speaking at a seminar organised by Qatar University, under the title “The Qatari economy under the siege, steadfastness and ascension”, the officials hailed the wise management of the crisis and the rapid movement to confront its repercussions from the beginning.

Qatar lodges official complaint with WTO

Doha makes formal complaint against ‘coercive attempts at economic isolation’ by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE.

Blockade an eye-opening experience, say citizens

The blockade has opened more avenues for the country to realise its potential and helped diversify plans for both local production and imports.

No shortage of medicines; No change in prices, too

Private hospitals and polyclinics have not experienced shortage of medicines so far due to the ongoing blockade imposed on Qatar by some of its neighbouring countries.

Blockade has made Qatar stronger, says al-Kaabi

The ongoing blockade has made Qatar stronger, Qatar Petroleum (QP) president and CEO Saad Sherida al-Kaabi has stressed.

Blockade fails to affect supply of fruits and vegetables

In a clear sign that the blockade has failed to have any adverse effect on normal life in the country, both the wholesale and retail sections at the central fruit and vegetable market in Abu Hamour are packed with fresh produce of different varieties.

Qatar seeks compensation for firms, citizens

Qatar announced it was establishing a committee to pursue compensation claims potentially worth billions of dollars over the country's blockade by Gulf states.

Canadian activists call for lifting blockade on Qatar

A group of Canadian activists organised a demonstration in solidarity with the State of Qatar in central Montreal, the economic capital of Canada’s province of Quebec.