QToons in colour: Appreciating the abstract

In this week’s episode of QToons, Temsa7 artist and cartoonist Abdulaziz Yousef paints a picture of emotions through the abstract. Click here to view his colourful creations!

ILQuiz: Can you identify these works of art around Qatar?

Qatar is quickly becoming a centre for art and artists in the region. From local creators to renowned international art-world names, Qatar offers a space for everyone to showcase their talent. But how well do you know these art installations dotted throughout Qatar? Take our ILQuiz and find out!


Through art, ‘100 Days of the Blockade’ expresses solidarity with Qatar

For centuries, art has been used to express solidarity, dissent, emotion, and political statements. Murals especially have become a medium for emerging artists to have voice in their own space. ILQ meets some of the creators behind The Fire Station’s ‘100 Days of the Blockade’ art installation series. Click here to read on!

QToons: These abstract perceptions will get you thinking

Need something a little more thought-provoking today? Then this is the QToons edition for you, as Temsa7 comics’ Abdulaziz Yousef explores abstract perceptions of society in his latest illustrations! 

Museums in Qatar will now be open seven days a week!

Art and history lovers can now visit museums in Qatar seven days a week! Read on to find out more!

Qommunity Voices: The artist behind ‘Tamim Al Majd’

Qatar has stood strong, united in the face of the opposition and adversity that emerged out of the GCC crisis. ILQ had the delightful opportunity to speak with Ahmed bin Majed Al Maadheed, the artist behind the iconic ‘Tamim Al Majd’ image, and found out more about him and his artistic process. Read on to learn more about his story!

Middle Eastern artists reconnect with Reconnecting Arts despite blockade

Heard of Reconnecting Arts? It’s an incredible platform to support and promote emerging Middle Eastern artists and creatives. Although some GCC countries and Egypt have imposed a blockade on Qatar, the theme of unity for the 2017 exhibition Transition has not changed. Find out more about the unique vision of Reconnecting Arts...

MBG - This is what happens when food meets art in Qatar!

What happens when food meets art in Qatar?


Happy Monday folks! We’re back with a brand-new episode of our foodie series with Mama Baba Ganoush. This week we meet water-colour artist Zakkiya H. (@inkstruckstudio) to create a very special Ramadan work of art. Click here to watch her masterpiece come to life!

Turkish exhibit at Al Riwaq pays homage to Ottoman and Islamic motifs

Qatar Museums newest exhibit, ‘Contemporary Calligraphy by Mehmet Çebi’ displays phenomenal calligraphy pieces and contemporary-styled prayer beads! Read on to find out more!

The “art” of storytelling: Iraqi artists touch on war and tragedy at Doha museums

Qatar Museums has worked in putting together and exhibiting the works of two talented Iraqi artists at various museums in Doha. Read on to find out more about their amazing work!