Startup of the Week: Maqdeem designs modern local garments with a unique take

ILQ’s newest segment ‘Startup of the Week’ aims to highlight Qatari startups and their cool concepts and initiatives! Read on to find out more! 

In The Glow -- How NOT to dress during Ramadan

In The Glow: Do’s and don’ts for a fashionable Ramadan


To make sure that all our ILQ fashionistas out there are ready for the season of Ramadan, our latest episode of In The Glow has you covered! So give us a click and watch as our resident fashion contributor Renata Menegaz shows you some ideas to create elegant and appropriate outfits this Ramadan!

In The Glow: Exploring Qatari fashion at the Local Bazar

ILQ introduces you to the newest faces in Arabic fashion, as our very fashion contributor Renata Menegaz meets two talented designers who recently launched their latest abaya collections in a designer showcase at the Local Bazar.

Adventures in Abaya

I decided to experience the Abaya first-hand and what an experience!

11th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition Celebrates Record Visitor Numbers

The 11th edition of Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition attracted over 13000 visitors throughout the 5-day event, organisers announced at the show’s conclusion on Tuesday. Bringing together fashion enthusiasts and influencers, families and aspiring designers to discover over 250 local, regional and international exhibitors, Heya was declared a success by all participants.

#QTip: The evolution of the Abaya

#QTip: The evolution of the Abaya


Aisha's back and this time she's talking about the evolution of the Abaya. The Abaya is a unique piece of clothing. This soft and flowing gown is both worn for religious purposes (to be loose fitting) and also as a fashion statement.

Many people agree that that it looks elegant, some say that the colorful ones make women look like Princesses. 

Abayas can also vary in price. From as low as 200 riyals (for a good one) to 10,000 Riyals for a luxurious one!

#QTip: Why do some women wear colorful abayas? Do they mean anything?

#QTip: Why do some women wear colorful abayas? Do they mean anything?


We all love to find symbolism in things. Some people search for meaning in the simplest of things, such as the reason why a particular flower blooms red.

Someone asked us, why are some abayas in different colors or have patterns? Here's Aisha with the answer!

#QTip: Do you have to wear an abaya in Qatar?

QTip: Do you have to wear an Abaya in Qatar?


We're breaking the ice for Aisha, here's a quick episode where Aisha let's you all know if you MUST wear an Abaya or a Sheila when you come to Qatar. 

The answer is clear!, you don't have to, but they sure are comfy, and can be pretty stylish too!


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Abaya Exhibition

La Cigale, Suhaim Bin Hamad, Doha
29 January 2017 - 30 January 2017 / 7:00 pm

Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition

2 June / 10:00 am