ILQ Special Report

Meet Empowering Qatari Artist and Community Worker Ameera Al Aji

We recently met Ameera Al-Aji, Qatari Artist and Community Service Supervisor at Qatar Foundation (QF) and got the chance to interview her for special insight on the thoughts and feelings of a local artist and the work in the community.

Why Fasting as a Non-Muslim is one of the Most Enriching Experiences!

You probably wouldn’t assume a Christian-born, German university student is fasting during the month of Ramadan.

How to stay motivated in Wind, Dust and Heat

Here is your ILQ Guide to staying motivated and inspired in Qatar!

1. Make a list of reasons why you're doing something

Big Things That Make Qatar Seem Small

In Qatar we are constantly confronted with dimensional opposites. The country’s small size for example becomes relatively large in the vast and infinite desert.

Fanilla Couture – Qatari Couture for Every Occasion

Many of you may have come across the bold designs of Qatari Brand Fanilla Couture. Fanilla Couture was established in 2011 by the business woman Razan Suliman.

A Song To Alia and all Arab Women

Daniel MacIntyre was born in Halifax, Canada and has lived in the UAE for 7 years, teaching English as a second language and being a songwriter.

Final hurrah of 2015 and New Year's wishes

A year of ups and downs, with hot summer days and some rainy ones in autumn and winter lies behind us. This year, Qatar has felt moments that were both great and not so great.

The New DoubleTree Hotel - Stunning Views and Cozy Nights

There is a new Hotel in Doha, which has been running for just under 1 year. Luckily, the ILQ Team was invited to find out more about the new Hilton Hotel in New Salata.

Doha is Flooded - Serious Implications for a Rainy Day

Qatar has experienced some heavy rain during the morning of November 24. As it continues to rain, streets, houses and schools are flooding.

Hot or Not? These are Your Top 10 Filipino Restaurants

What are the best Filipino Restaurants in Qatar?