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Qatar Now has an Official Ramadan Website

It is that time of the year again! Ramadan is the time for contemplation, for family, food and charity. To make your choices easier and to help you list your events and reach out to the world, is back with the 6th edition.

A group photo to wrap up the day!

ILQ Hold's its First Intern Orientation!

Last weekend, on Saturday the 4th of June, ILQ held it’s first ever volunteer/intern orientation day. It was held at Shades Café.

Get ready for Katara’s Sporty Beach Championships!

Are you a Football Fan or Volleyball enthusiast? Either way you can take part in a beachy Championship for both sports starting next week in Katara.

Qatar’s significant role in supporting the people of Yemen

Currently Yemen is on the edge of civil war and the condition Yemen finds itself in is worsening constantly.

Dress to impress in Qatar’s Brands

If you made a list of all the things Qatar is famous for, you can be sure fashion is among these things. Fashion is to Qatar what the sea is to the desert. And Qatar’s designers are lovestruck writing love songs to fashion and to Qatar.

Great words of advice from Prophet Muhammed - not just for Muslims in Qatar!

Islam, Prophet Muhammed and the Hadith – all wildly debated, misinterpreted, or misused in the context of war and conflict.

Special Needs? More Like Special Abilities… Nawaal Akram participates in Wings For Life World Run!

Wings For Life Selfie Run using the “Selfie Run” App will take place in Qatar. 100% of all donations will go to support life-changing research projects that aim to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Efforts to aid and rebuild Gaza

Decades of the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict and countless attacks to destroy Palestinian cities and villages, kill Palestinian civilians including children and occupy large parts of Palestinian land, have left Gaza demolished and in ruins and trauma. Qatar has aided Palestine with various charities, supporting the people especially in the most recent crisis in 2014.

Eat and snack outside, while it's still nice!

What’s better than enjoying the few breezy days before the summer heat outside sipping ice tea, coffee and lemon mint? Eating outdoors is an experience in itself, that you can indulge in during April and May.

Most Popular Baby Names in Qatar!

Every country, every culture has its favorite names for new borns. Ever wondered what names are the favorites of Qataris?