Best Indian Food in Town

Time for another Top 10 and this time it is for Indian Restaurants! Tired of having to find the ones that are truly fantastic and magical? It isn’t about how much you spend or how big the restaurant is.

ILQ's 5th Anniversary - Read this!

Yes indeed, it's been 5 years! ILQ started with a simple goal. To share information about Qatar with the world.

Think the World Cup in Qatar will be a problem? Read this!

This is something that really blows my mind. When I read articles about Qatar and why the country should lose the World Cup, I'm shocked at the amount of utter rubbish written.

10 Interesting Facts about Hamad International Airport

A lot of us are excited about the new Airport launching. Hopefully it means more structure, more parking, better facilities, and they'll ban the hundreds of people who stand outside of the Airport exit either trying to get you to ride in an illegal taxi or simply just chilling there.

Qatar's Animal Welfare, Shelters, and Vets

Our furry and feathered companions are as much a part of our families as any human folk, and, as we’ve seen on this week’s episode of QTips, their welfare matters. As Qatar’s dedicated community of volunteers, veterinarians, and animal-lovers work towards a better quality of life for our friends on four legs, we at ILQ want to point you in the right direction on where to turn when it comes to taking care of your pet. Here’s our comprehensive round-up.

Happy Chinese New Year Qatar!

We just wanted to say Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrate it here in Qatar :)


Vote to laugh at the 2nd Annual United Nations of Comedy (UNOC) at QNCC, Doha! The region’s funniest comedy tour brings you Elections 2014. It’s The Republicants vs.