Thunderous rains likely today

The weather bureau has forecast thunder and rain this afternoon. 

A weather forecaster said there was the likelihood of rain lashing parts of the city this afternoon and it might be accompanied with thunder.

Thundershowers forecast in some areas today

Thundershowers are expected in some parts of the country today along with strong winds, the Met office has said.
Doha, along with Dukhan, Al Ruwais, Abu Samra and Messaied, is likely to get some rain. Al Khor will be dry and sunny, according to the forecast.

Weather to remain windy and dusty

Windy and dusty conditions are expected to continue in Qatar today, the Met Office has said. According to the forecast, visibility will drop to 2km or less in some places. It will be hot during the day with slight to blowing dust in inshore areas.

High humidity expected to continue until Friday

The high humidity in the country is likely to continue until Friday with chances of fog in the early hours. Visibility could drop to 2km or less in some areas, according to the Meteorology Department.

Weather expected to improve from Tuesday

With the onset of October, some improvement in the weather can be expected from Tuesday, a weather forecaster said yesterday.

Rain and thunder forecast for some areas of Qatar

Rain and thunder, along with strong winds, are expected in some parts of Qatar on Thursday, the Met office has said.


The supermoon rises over the Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Centre (Fanar) in Doha yesterday. When a full moon makes its closest approach to Earth, it appears bigger and brighter than usual and is known as a supermoon, coinciding with total lunar eclipse.

Hot days, humid nights forecast for holiday period

Stable weather, with hot days and humid nights, are expected in Qatar during the Eid al-Adha holiday period, the Met office has said.

Thundery rain possible in some areas: Met office

There is a chance of thundery rain at some places in Qatar on Friday and Saturday, the Met Office said.

Strong winds, low visibility forecast for today

Fresh northwesterly winds will continue in Qatar today, with the winds becoming strong at some places both inshore and offshore by afternoon.