Longest day of year tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the longest day of the year, marking the Summer Solstice when the sun will be exactly vertical to the Tropic of Cancer in the northern hemisphere. 

Strong winds expected in Qatar throughout the weekend

Strong Northwesterly wind is expected to hit the country from tomorrow afternoon and last through the weekend until Tuesday.

A windy and hot day forecast

A maximum temperature of 45C is expected in Al Khor today, followed by 44C in Doha, Mesaieed and Wakrah.

Minimoon to be visible over Doha tomorrow from 6.16pm

Residents of Qatar and the Arab region can see the 'Pygmy full moon' with naked eye after it rises over the Doha sky at 6:16pm.

Windy and dusty conditions to continue today

Doctors have advised people to stay indoors as much as possible as windy and dusty conditions continue in Doha and other parts of Qatar.

Temperature hits 47C, more hot and windy days ahead

It’s getting hotter in the country as the maximum temperature soared to 47C yesterday and is likely to hover around the mid-40C levels and beyond in some places over the coming days.

Strong winds likely to continue in Qatar

Strong winds are again expected in parts of the country on Friday along with poor visibility due to dust. 

Temperature set to hit mid-40C levels

Hot daytime weather is likely to prevail over the weekend, especially in the central areas where the maximum temperature may reach the mid-40C levels. Strong winds, dust and low visibility are expected in the country from Sunday night until Tuesday.

Doha to sizzle on Wednesday, with 41 degrees forecast

The maximum temperature will be 41C in Doha, 39C in Al Khor and 38C in Wakrah and Mesaieed. On Tuesday, the maximum was 41C in Turayna and 40C in Doha, Al Rayyan, Sheehaniya, Batna and Karana.

Poor visibility due to dust expected

Strong winds are expected in some places along with poor visibility due to dust by this afternoon.