Strong winds forecast again for most parts of Qatar

Strong winds are expected on Friday.

Rainy season to begin on Oct 16

Rainfall is expected to be around the average levels from now until December in Qatar.

Thundershowers, strong winds forecast for Friday

Thundershowers are expected in the country on Friday along with strong winds and low visibility.

Strong wind, thundery rain forecast for Wednesday

More chances of light to thundery rain on Wednesday also over some areas.

Meteor shower to be visible in Qatar

It's a great opportunity to enjoy the Perseid meteor showert! Most meteors will be visible from tonight in dark and clear skies and away from city lights.

Winds, dust expected

It will be hazy in the early hours of the day, followed by hot daytime conditions with slight to blowing dust in some areas.

Delta Aquarid Meteor in Qatar sky

Qatar residents and Arabic area countries residents can see Delta Aquarid meteor by naked eye from pure and dark places without light and environment pollutions.

Venus and Aldebaran to be seen over Qatar sky

According to astronomical calculations, Qatar residents will be able to see a very important astronomical phenomenon, where planet Venus will come close to Aldebaran star over dawn sky on Friday, July 14, 2017.

Weather forecast for Eid al-Fitr holiday

All warnings are expected to be cancelled on Sunday, though fresh to strong winds are likely offshore northward during the rest of the week.

Longest day of year tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the longest day of the year, marking the Summer Solstice when the sun will be exactly vertical to the Tropic of Cancer in the northern hemisphere.