Dust-laden winds forecast for a week

The country is expected to experience windy and dusty conditions from tomorrow until the end of the week, the meteorological department has said in a statement.

Another wave of dust winds forecast from tomorrow

The Meteorology Department has forecast another wave of dust winds to hit the country from tomorrow and continue until the end of this week. 

Qatar, like other countries in the northern hemisphere saw the longest day of the year yesterday, which extended to about 14 hours. 

High temperatures may continue until Wednesday

The unusually high temperatures being experienced in the country will continue until Wednesday due to an “extension of Indian monsoons”, Abdullah Al Mannai, Head, Forecast and Analysis Section,  Meteorological Department, said yesterday.

Qatar weather: The day to be hot with slight dust

It will be hot during the day with slight dust at times inshore and fine to some clouds offshore.

Doha temperature expected to touch 46C today

Temperature is forecast to touch 46C in Doha today and 43C to 44C in other places in the country, the Qatar Meteorology Department said yesterday.  The maximum temperature in Doha yesterday was 41C.

Strong winds inshore and offshore likely today

The Weather Bureau has forecast strong winds during the day today both inshore and offshore, and high seas by afternoon. 

Partly cloudy, dusty weather likely today

The weather is likely to be partly cloudy and slightly dusty today with chances of scattered rains in the north of the country. 

“The rains could extend to the central parts as well,” a weather forecaster told this newspaper yesterday. 

Hot and windy day forecast

The country is expected to experience relatively hot and windy weather today, with a dust cover in most parts of the country throughout the day.

Strong wind, high tides likely today

The Weather Bureau has issued a warning about strong winds and high seas offshore today.

Foggy morning, warmer Doha at night likely

It would be a foggy morning today so visibility could be low, the Weather Bureau said yesterday.