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4 March 2016 05:19 pm

Expat Blues

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<p>It’s always a challenge to move to a new country.  Always. You can be upbeat, excited, well-informed, and love the place you are about to move to… and still end up totally miserable.</p><p>Some expats are extremely well-adjusted and could live in Qatar till death, others are struggling with integrating.</p><p>Qatar is an interesting place with a lot of really fabulous experiences on offer.  There are many people and minds at work trying to keep people busy, engaged, and happy (i.e.  Regardless, the more I speak to unhappy expats, the common denominator amongst them is that they feel they are missing out on life back home.  It could be anything from a sibling that had a new child, a friend’s wedding, or being far from ailing elderly family members.</p><p>Expat blues may occur because instead of starting a new life in a new country, we have somehow just pressed pause on our lives back home and are eagerly waiting to return to them.</p><p>Some of the best ways to deal with expat blues:</p><p><strong>1.  </strong> Build yourself a new community within Qatar</p><p><strong>2.  </strong> Try out the amazing events on offer here (which are often free). </p><p><strong>3.  </strong> Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new experiences i.e. desert camping. </p><p><strong>4.  </strong> Try taking different lessons, this can often lead to creating new friendships i.e. try an Arabic or Mandarin language class.</p><p><strong>5.  </strong> Don’t wait to return home, try to make Qatar your “home” while you’re here.  Your perspective on things will often dictate how you feel.</p>