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What do your Valentine’s Day roses mean?

Giving flowers can be a gift that holds much depth and meaning.

Check out! ILQ's Work Out Playlist for Qatar National Sport Day

Like many people out there we at ILQ enjoy listening to music while exercising. We thought it would be fun to share some of our tunes with you. Enjoy!

ILQ goes to Megapolis

Release and embrace your inner child at Doha’s new hub for fun entertainment.

Gun Fired Underwater

Physicist fires a gun at himself underwater

You've got to hand it to the scientist in the bellow video: No matter how sure he was about what would happen when he fired the gun at himself, it must still have been pretty damn scary to go through with it.


German Tourist Illegally Climbs Pyramid in 8 Minutes

It would come as no surprise if bucket lists around the whole world place climbing the Great Pyramids of Giza high on their list.

Hello, How to deal with Adele by Shehan Saheed

I'm sure you're already familiar with Adele's Hello. Hearing it almost everyday since it was released on October last year, from the radio while on your way to work, on TV, Shopping Malls and all over the internet.

Pandora Opens ‘Charming’ New Store at Doha Festival City

Fifty One East and Pandora celebrated the opening of its second store at Doha Festival City in a grand event attended by guests, key media representatives and company delegates.


Doha Film Institute invites volunteers for 5th Ajyal Youth Film Festival

As the countdown to the fifth edition of the Ajyal Youth Film Festival begins, the Doha Film Institute is seeking enthusiastic volunteers to get involved and contribute to the smooth running of the annual celebration of film that will welcome thousands of Doha cinema lovers along with regional and international film industry guests.


NBK’s ‘Journey of Glory’ campaign concludes

Nasser bin Khaled (NBK) Holding has concluded ‘The Journey of Glory’ national campaign recently, allowing Qatar residents to sign and write messages of love, loyalty and patriotism on Mercedes-Benz vehicles used as ‘billboards’.

Nasser Bin Khaled Holding Launches National Campaign ‘The Journey of Glory’

Our friends over at Mercedes-Benz Qatar have created a #TamimAlMajd car that will be traveling around the country for people sign as part of their #JourneyOfGlory campaign. Be sure to keep an eye out for it!