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This is the video you need to convince friends and family to visit Qatar

A beautiful video showing the sights of Qatar.  This is one of the best videos out there to date.  After watching, one is left thinking, can you believe we live here?

Get the scent of a Qatari household

By Noor Odeh

Open Air - High End Shopping for All Ages!

Welcome to Qatar’s newest shopping complex – Katara Plaza!

Explore the minds of Shafallah students.

By : Noor Odeh

Dynamic Duo: Girls Who Give Back

By: Angel Polacco 

It’s in the genes. Sana and Sahar Al-Ansari are two sisters who love to volunteer, raise awareness, and provide services to the community.

Qatar's Staring Culture

An undisputed observation that one makes after coming to Qatar is that there is a very distinct staring culture.  Everyone stares at everyone.   Opposite genders stare at one another and the same genders stare at eac