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Aigner Creates a bag Inspired by Qatar

As the success of Aigner Cybill bag skyrockets, the world class brand takes a journey around the world and designs a metropolitan collection inspired by the worlds greatest cities.

QSL announces Snapchat Live Story covering Qatar Cup final

The Qatar Stars League, the highest professional football league in Qatar, is pleased to announce that a Snapchat Live Story will be covering the Qatar Cup final, which is set to be held on Friday the 29th of April at the Jassim Bi

A sneak peek at City Center’s upcoming new look

The ILQ team spoke to the Center Manager of City Center Mall and found out about the facelift that your favourite Mall is going to get.

Neo's New Menu is all set to Impress

Looking to satisfy your cravings for delectable Asian food? Neo can definitely accommodate! The ILQ team tried out Neo’s new menu and enjoyed every dish! Located on Salwa Road across the Nissan Showroom, Neo emanates a casual yet sophisticated vibe. Lovers of sushi and Thai curries, you should certainly head down to Neo and indulge your tastebuds (caution: they may be on fire after).

ILQ goes to Banana Island!

Written by: Angel Polacco  

Why vacation when you can staycation? Qatar’s very own Banana Island Resort Doha is a mere 30 minutes away by ferry!

Artist creates giant mural in Cairo without the government noticing

Amid Cairo's brick buildings and heaping piles of trash is a sprawling work of art, which, at first, looks messy and incoherent. However, when you stand on the nearby hillside and read the spray-painted Arabic "calligraffiti".

ILQ goes to Central Europe!

A 4 day trip to Central Europe at Coral all Day Dining !

How Qatar seeks to maintain regional peace

Qatar was just ranked second safest country in the world by Golden Visa 2015 World Safety Index, that examined 70 states on crime level, unemployment and being at risk for global conflict. Qatar also was the first in a few categories focusing on internal safety.

A Qatari jeweler that transforms your eyes into gold

A young Qatari Jeweller has created a jewelry concept like no other.  Reem Al Shamari has developed a concept to capture the uniqueness of mankind in her jewelry.  The talented jeweller

9 most eye-catching skyscrapers in the West Bay area!

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