Hello, How to deal with Adele by Shehan Saheed

I'm sure you're already familiar with Adele's Hello. Hearing it almost everyday since it was released on October last year, from the radio while on your way to work, on TV, Shopping Malls and all over the internet.

Women work more, earn less than men in Qatar

Females in Qatar earn less than males, although they work longer than the latter, according to an official estimate.

Fanilla Couture – Qatari Couture for Every Occasion

Many of you may have come across the bold designs of Qatari Brand Fanilla Couture. Fanilla Couture was established in 2011 by the business woman Razan Suliman.

A Song To Alia and all Arab Women

Daniel MacIntyre was born in Halifax, Canada and has lived in the UAE for 7 years, teaching English as a second language and being a songwriter.

Expats get death sentence for killing employer

Five Asian expatriates have been sentenced in absentia to death by firing squad by a Doha Court for the premeditated killing of their employer, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported Sunday.

American YouTube celebrity from Saudi Arabia moves to Qatar

The American celebrity from Saudi Arabia, Joshua Van Alstine, who is known as “Abu Muteb - al Amriki” - has moved to Qatar, where he came to help cover the country’s National Day celebrations last week.

'Seven Qataris, two others escape kidnappers in Iraq, cross into Kuwait'

At least nine people who were part of a hunting group kidnapped in southern Iraq managed to escape and have now crossed into Kuwait, police and media said on Thursday.

Man Arrested for selling tickets booked with Stolen Credit Cards

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), in association with the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol ) , has arrested an Arab national for selling air tickets booked using stolen credit cards belonging to some Qatari ci