Brazilians Share Appreciation for Qatar in Rio for the 2016 Olympics!

In an adorable video compilation organized by ILQ, citizens of Brazil send their greetings and love to Qatar with heartfelt smiles and cheers! Yalla Qatar! Read on to watch the video!

Things To Do in Doha This Week: August 21-28

What's in store for Doha this week? More of Summer Festival, Splash and Dash, as well as a variety of water activities- totally ideal ways to keep cool in the scorching heat. Read on to find out more!

Six Essential Things You Should Know Before Studying Abroad

Are you a Doha high school graduate who's about to travel abroad for university? If you are then this article is for you! Read on for more information!

PokémonGoQatar: A Useful and Interactive Community for Players

PokémonGoQatar is an extremely useful resource for players to learn more about updates, events, and Pokémon locations! Read on to find out more about this awesome group!

Things To Do in Doha This Week: August 14-20

Looking for fun things to do this week in Doha? ILQ has hooked you up with our top picks of events this week! Read on to find out more.

Fuwairit Beach Officially Reopens to Public

Anyone who loves Fuwairit Beach can now celebrate! The beach has been reopened to the public. Read on to find out more!

Doha Expressway Introduces New Radars That Catch More Than Just Speed

Beware of the new traffic radars being installed on the Doha Expressway! They can monitor more than just your speed! Read on to find out what else these cameras can see!

Let’s talk about the Vampire facelift

Today's nonsurgical cosmetic procedures are relatively affordable and so accessible—with short healing times and almost immediate results.

Eman Amnah Al-Mushiri: Tackling Bullying with Her Anti-Bullying Initiative

Eman Amnah Al-Mushiri, a Qatari-American and mother of three, hopes to advance her anti-bullying initiative “Treasure Today the Future of Tomorrow”, which would potentially be the first of its kind in Qatar.

Growing scene of local social entrepreneurs in Qatar!

Youth empowerment and entrepreneurship has been steadily growing in Qatar and the region. The Arab world, like the rest of the globe, has been undergoing changes. We sat down with one of the agents of this change and an upcoming local social entrepreneur Maryam Alsubaiey, who is the founder of Qtalent, to talk about her journey in the creative sector and their first Bazaar at St. Regis Hotel, Doha!