Beware of cyber attack attempts!

Cyber security has been a major issue lately. In light of this, we would like to advise everyone to exercise a little more caution. 

Grab your tickets to the WorldSBK finale at Qatar’s Losail International Circuit!

We’re revving our engines in anticipation of this year’s WorldSBK main event, happening November 2-4, 2017 at Losail International Circuit. Come see the world’s best superbike riders at the top of their game as they race for the finale at Losail’s world-class circuit. Click here to find out where to snag your tickets!


fit20 Qatar: Can 20 minutes a week really get you into shape?

We introduce you to fit20 Qatar, one of the newest fitness programs to set up shop in Qatar. Their claim to fame? That 20 minutes a week can change your life and and kick-start you on your way to improved health! Click here to learn more.  

Navigating Qatar’s school system: How to help your child succeed!

Choosing the right school is half the battle when getting your child into the education system here in Qatar – next comes helping them thrive within that system! Compass International School’s Director of Learning, Simon Porter, offers some advice along the way. Click here to read more!

Last night's meteor wasn't a meteor! Click here to find out what the fireball was!

You must have heard about the fireball seen in Doha's skies last night! Turns out, it wasn't actually a meteor! Read the article to find out what it was! 

ILQ Competition: Win 2 passes to the Doha Tango Festival!

The Doha Tango Festival returns on Friday, November 3, 2017 and we’ve got 2 passes to give away to one lucky winner! Entry includes access to some truly spectacular tango performances, and the Gala Dinner! Click here to enter!

Meteor spotted in the sky over Qatar

Did you spot a meteor travelling across the Doha skyline earlier tonight?

New requirements for motorcycle, trailer, and caravan registration implemented

Read the article for information on the procedures regarding registration and licensing of certain types of vehicles. 

Through art, ‘100 Days of the Blockade’ expresses solidarity with Qatar

For centuries, art has been used to express solidarity, dissent, emotion, and political statements. Murals especially have become a medium for emerging artists to have voice in their own space. ILQ meets some of the creators behind The Fire Station’s ‘100 Days of the Blockade’ art installation series. Click here to read on!

5 questions about breast cancer answered

Breast cancer is a significant health issue for women worldwide. Find out how you can get yourself screened in Qatar and what you can do to raise awareness this October!