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8 August 2016 06:58 pm

Meet Our Demands, or Else!

We are back with our first set of demands. That's right, there will be more. So pay attention.
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"We are Catanonymous. These are our completely reasonable demands which we don't care if you agree with, because we don't care about you. Ever. Unless you have treats of course.

1. Convert one of Doha's zillion cafes into a cat cafe. Just one. Or actually, a zillion. We demand a zillion cat cafes.

2. Stop calling that computer thingy a 'mouse' because it's false advertising and gets us excited over nothing. Or just use real mice. Or give us treats.

3. When we leave paw prints on your car, it's because we are trying to tell you something. What we're trying to say is: stop washing our paw prints off of your cars."