Summer of Entertainment Begins

Qatar Summer Festival (QSF) 2016 has kicked off! Read on for details.

Win movie tickets to the premiere of BAD MOMS!

We've got tickets to Qatar premier to Bad Moms, for you and a friend. Enter the competition now!

EDM - Three letters that define today's musical era

Traditionally played in nightclubs, raves, and festivals, discover how Electronic Dance Music or simply EDM grew from a small, cult following into this global phenomenon we feel today.

ILQ Picks: Songs of the Season

We gathered the coolest and most refreshing tunes of this summer. Here are the current top 10 English hits!

ILQ's Fashion Directory for Men this Eid

Eid is the time when we all decide to update our wardrobe with new clothes and the latest fashion trends!

The Fashion Police Presents: The Man-Bun

Also known as bro bun or hipster bun this hairstyle for men has been getting more popular by the day.

D.C. versus Marvel- Which Universe are you?

The big cinematic debate continues over which is the best Superhero Universe! I am no expert when it comes to the comics, but in terms of the cinematic Universe I, along with many of you, have my favourites.

5 Box Sets to watch this Summer

Whatever your plans are for the summer months, there is probably going to be a point at which you find yourself with some free time. Why not use it to catch up on one of these must see box sets?

Aqua Park Qatar: Water Slides, Wave Pool AND Eurocup 2016!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Aqua Park is putting a fun unique twist to watching football matches now by officially screening every Eurocup 2016 game on a large 2m by 2m screen.