Vodafone and iLoveQatar.net say it with roses

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Vodafone Qatar has again partnered with the popular Qatar-owned lifestyle website “iLoveQatar.net” to distribute roses to people on the Corniche and at the Pearl.
“There is a very simple message here - we love Qatar,” said Vodafone CMO Michael Portz.
“There’s no better way to show it than putting tangible evidence of that love into the hands of Qatar’s residents, and no better partner for this initiative than iLoveQatar.net.”

“Both our companies have a long history of trying to make Qatar a better place through excitement,” said Khalifa Saleh Haroon, owner and editor of iLoveQatar.net.

In celebration of their partnership, Vodafone and iLoveQatar.net will hand out roses to passers by at the Corniche from 6pm to 10pm and at the Pearl from 7pm to 10pm on February 18 evening.
This comes as a follow-up to a previous joint event of the two companies held in Aspire Park in commemoration of Qatar’s National Day. Further joint activities are anticipated throughout this year.
“This is yet another example of Vodafone Qatar’s desire to partner with local businesses and brands to make Qatar a better place,” said Vodafone Qatar’s CEO Grahame Maher.
“We are a Qatari-owned company committed to making a world of difference to everyone in Qatar.”

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