Two Asians jailed for immoral act

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A Criminal Court has sentenced an Asian maid and a man to a year in jail for entering in a house without permission and having consensual sex. The court has also ordered them to be deported after serving the jail term.

The man entered the house of the maid’s sponsor at night with her help. 

The sponsor told the Court that when he reached  home his wife had complained about some strange sounds coming from inside. So he called the police. The police headed to the kitchen adjacent to the room of the housemaid where both the culprit were hiding behind a door. The police opened the door and caught them. 

The man admitted to the Public Prosecution that he had committed the crime. He said he knew the maid and had several telephonic conversations before. On the day of the incident, she invited him and he entered the house by jumping the boundary wall. The maid took him to her room. When he heard the sound of knocking the door, he hid behind it.

The defence lawyer requested the court to acquit the duo since they were not caught red-handed.  But the court took the confessions of the convicts as evidence and sentenced them to a year in jail, Al Sharq reports.