Top spots to check out at Katara Cultural Village!

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Doha has many unique scenic locations where you can enjoy the local culture, architecture, and - of course - the foodie experience! Katara Cultural Village is one of Qatar’s most popular destinations for exploring, sightseeing, eating, and just a casual day or night out. 

In case you’re wondering where to go in Katara, check out our list below for some of its most popular spots! 

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Mamig is an Armenian-Lebanese restaurant that has great ambiance and delicious authentic food. The restaurant atmosphere is warm and gives off a very homey vibe. Mamig’s outdoor seating is bliss during the winter season. There’s even an indoor rooftop patio that overlooks the water where you can smoke shisha and enjoy live music.  

Sukar Pasha Ottoman
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For an authentic Turkish dining experience, Sukar Pasha is definitely a must-try spot! Just visiting the restaurant is an experience in itself. It’s beautifully decorated, with heavily Ottoman-inspired interior designs. The ceilings within the restaurant are hand-painted, there are elaborate mosaics and chandeliers, and comfortable furnishing. What’s even more spectacular is their outdoor terrace that has a gorgeous seaview and also overlooks the Westbay area. Shisha is also available, as well as outdoor tents on Katara's beach. 

Chapati & Karak

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Looking for a quick and tasty spot for tea and chapati? Then head over to Chapati & Karak! Their take on a traditional Indian chai karak and chapatis with various fillings is so good that they’ve even branched out of Qatar and landed up in London! Their cheese and chocolate chapatis are delish! You can either order from your car or sit in their outdoor seating area. 

Saffron Lounge
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Spice up your palate at Saffron Lounge and delight in their specialty: Indian cuisine. If you’re in the mood for something spicy, savory, and delicious, you have to try Saffron Lounge! You can find dishes from different regions in India, which is unique to find within one restaurant. The interiors are intimate and reflect the flavor of the food - red to represent spices. Their butter chicken is a must-try!

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Dessert lovers, this is the place for you! Chac'Late is a chocolate-lover’s dream come true. Desserts on desserts on desserts! There’s even a live chocolate fountain inside this little café! A local brand that provides all its customers with a sugar overdose, it’s a super popular food destination for people who have a sweet-tooth. Their hot chocolate with vanilla ice cream and their Medovnik Prague cake are recommended! Chac'Late has both an indoor and outdoor seating area.

Al Jazeera Media Cafe
Image from Al Jazeera Media Café IG

Paying homage to one of the region’s biggest channels, the Al Jazeera Media Café is super cool. The tables in the cafe are giant screens; you can play games and place your order on them too! Almost everything at Al Jazeera Café is interactive. Love taking photos? There’s even an awesome newsroom setup! You can also learn a lot about regional journalism through the different displays that are up in the café. Their menu is quite health conscious - so healthy-food lovers, check it out! 


In addition to its awesome restaurants that will satisfy your appetites and fill your tummies, there are also a number of other places in Katara you can check out (Photographers will have a field day!):

The Amphitheater: This area resembles a massive colosseum - a lot of outdoor events and performances usually take place here. It’s a great place for photo ops. 

The mosques: Katara has very unique mosques. The Golden Masjid and the Masjid of Katara are beautifully built with stunning mosaics. Both mosques are reminiscent of Turkish/Ottoman designs. According to Katara’s website, the Masjid of Katara was actually designed by Turkish restoration specialists. 

The promenade: Katara has a beautiful seafront view and it’s usually lined up with different kiosks and food stalls. It’s a great area to just stroll around, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy the view of the water and Doha’s West Bay area. 

The Qatar Museums Gallery: If you’re a lover of art and creativity, Katara - in partnership with Qatar Museums - has an awesome gallery space that features different exhibitions. Some noteworthy exhibitions include the Skate Girls of Kabul, A Retrospective by Dia Al Azzawi, and others. Local artists are also featured on a frequent basis. Make sure to check Katara’s website to find out more about its art exhibitions.

The beach: In addition to the beautiful seaview, visitors can also access Katara's beach! There are also a number of different water activities you can participate in, such as sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and more! 

If you’re planning on visiting Katara any time soon, you should definitely try some of the spots we mentioned! We also recommend that you check Katara’s site to find out about other cool activities or events that may be taking place! The Jazz Festival recently took place in Katara, and the Ajyal Film Festival is going to be held there at the end of the month too! 

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