Top Ramadan Apps for Your Phones

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We live in an age where you can literally access and do anything from the comfort of your own phones. This includes being able to observe the holy month of Ramadan more efficiently through different applications that can increase your good deeds and improve your knowledge. These apps have been recommended by many and have good reviews in terms of their performance and accessibility. We’ve composed a list of apps, some for both iPhone and Android operating systems, to help you out this Ramadan.

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Ramadan Legacy

This app is great as it helps you track your own personal goals during the month of Ramadan. it provides an interactive planner, a legacy board (which captures your Ramadan experience), a live stream option (to share photos, progress, and inspiration), a content feed (which shows different blogs and accounts), and your own journal to express yourself.

Available on both iOS and Android, free.


iPray is a handy app that shows you accurate prayer timings in whatever city you’re in as well as a precise direction of the Qibla (direction of the Kaaba in Mecca) from wherever you are in the world. It also has a number of other options available, such as moon phases, selectable adhans (call to prayer), and various alerts. 

Available on both iOS and Android, $3.99

Muslim Pro 2016 

This app is apparently the most popular app for Muslims. It has a number of different features such as accurate prayer timings, adhan, fasting times, the Quran with audio recitations, and so much more! 

Available on both iOS and Android, free.


The Quran app on Android has amazing reviews and has been said to be one of the best apps for the Quran to exist. However, iOS doesn’t have the same one but another one has been mentioned below specifically for iPhone users.

Available on Android, free

iQuran Lite

This is the best rated app for the Quran for the iPhone. There is a full version available as well for those who like the lite version and want more options can purchase it. iQuran Lite provides English translations, bookmark options, full-text search, audio repeat options to help with memorization, and much more.

Lite version available on both iOS and Android, full version $1.99

Sawab - Quran Khatma

This app allows you to join 30 other Muslims in reading the Quran at anytime, which sounds like a pretty awesome feature. The Quran is available in both English and Arabic.

Available on both iOS and Android, free.


Kindle is a great app to own. It provides many with the opportunity to learn more about their religion digitally. There are various books to peruse through and purchase, such as translations of the Quran, Tafsir (detailed breakdowns and explanations of the Quran), and books on guidance and even on the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

Available on both iOS and Android, free. 


This is a great app to help out those in need and in providing charity. It was launched by the United Nations in order to encourage people to give back. For $0.50 cents (QR2) you can feed a refugee child for a whole day, by just tapping your phone. An Arabic version is also available for Ramadan.

Available on both iOS and Android, free.

Donate A Photo

This is also another charity app that allows you to share a photo a day and Johnson & Johnson (the founder) will donate $1 to the cause of your choice. Your photos raise awareness, and build up over time so you can see how much you've raised in support of different causes. A great app for this month, particularly for people who love taking photos.

Available on both iOS and Android, free.

Ramadan Fitness Challenge

The Ramadan Fitness Challenge is an app that helps you stay healthy and fit during Ramadan, taking into consideration fasting and the fact that many people take large meals when breaking their fast. This app sends daily fitness challenges to users, as well as reminders to workout and health tips. It's developed by health experts and personal trainers. 

Available on both iOS and Android, free.

My Halal Kitchen

This app provides great recipes as well as video guides for making various cuisines for Iftar and Suhoor. It also allows you to share your own recipes and show off your own personal skills! 

UNICEF Tap Project
Photo from: UNICEF

This isn't an application, however it can be accessed from your phones. What this site does is challenge you to stop using your phone for a certain period of time, the longer you stay away the more clean water you generate that UNICEF will then donate to children! You can also directly donate on their website.

Access their site from your phone:

Available for all phones.

What are your favorite apps to use during Ramadan? Comment below!

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