Top 5 Made in Qatar Products

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Since the Gulf crisis, one of the main concerns of the residents of Qatar is the lack of access to all the products that were being imported from the blockading nations. Fortunately for the citizens and residents of Qatar, the local supermarkets are stocked to the brim with locally produced items! Here’s a list of some of the #MadeInQatar products!

#1 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The local farms in Qatar are now producing fresh fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and more! You can find the fresh local produce at the Wholesale Market, as well local convenient stores and supermarkets.

#2 Dairy & Poultry

Dairy and poultry are basic food essentials across the world. In Qatar, the local distribution of these products has increased due to the GCC blockade. 

Dandy is one of the local favorite dairy brands in Qatar. They offer local fresh and quality dairy products, which include milk, yogurt, laban and ice-cream. They also provide a variety of different fruit juices.

source// Instagram @mec_qatar

Asak Group - Azba Farm for Chicken and Quail Birds is a group of local farms and is one of the largest providers of chicken, eggs, duck and quail in Qatar.

Ghadeer is another famous Qatari brand that also offers dairy products, as well as juices. Other local Qatari poultry and dairy distributors include Arab Qatari Poultry Co., and Widam. Here are some more #MadeInQatar brands

source// Instagram @mec_qatar

#3 Water

Water is daily necessity and many residents rely on bottled water. Many of the bottled water companies were based in the GCC but one of the most popular brands is Rayyan Pure Natural Mineral Water. It is a premium quality product that is drawn naturally from aquifer. They are one of largest bottled water suppliers in Qatar.

Safa International Co., is another local water supplier that provide gallons of water for commercial and personal use. They also deliver straight to your door.

#4 Bread and baked goods

Bread and baked goods are a staple in everyone's diets. Qatar is home to large producers of wheat, as well as a variety of baked goods.

Qatar Flour Mills (QFM) provides a wide range of premium food products, mostly in the flour and wheat product categories like flour, pasta, etc. 

QBake is a famous brand in Qatar that provides fresh baked goods. They supply their products to convenient stores, supermarkets, and even schools! 

source// Instagram @mec_qatar

#5 Household items 

 We use cleaning supplies on an everyday basis, the local brands that produce these items have been brought to the attention of the public.

Integrated Paper Products (IPP) along with Napico are larger Qatar based suppliers of tissue paper, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, etc. All of these products can be found at stores in and around Qatar.

The Qatar Detergent company offers a wide variety of fabric care, kitchen care, personal care and home cleaning products. All of these products are branded as “Pearl” on the shelves at supermarkets and stores.

source// Instagram @mec_qatar

Here are some more #MadeInQatar brands.

 source// Instagram @mec_qatar 

All of these local products are available at stores around Qatar such as Al Meera, Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket and many more. You can catch the ILQ team reacting to some of these products here

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