With Support of the ‘Injaz’ and Civil Defence Launch of the first-ever Qatari Fire Resistant Suit by students of Al-Risala I Secondary Independent School for Girls

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A fire resistant coat developed by students of Al-Risala I Secondary Independent School was launched during the  Civil Defence Exhibition & Conference. The suit was innovated by schutedents in collaboration with the ‘Echo’, ‘Injaz’ and the General Administration of Civil Defense in the framework of strengthening and raising awareness at the level of school students.

The project was developed by students team headed by Tasneem Ahmed, Project Director who was behind idea of fire resistant suit in cooperation with the Taif Jamal and Dana Al Nuaimi, under the auspices and support of the Al-Risalaa school. The project was supervised by teacher Lamia Aql teacher of Business Administration at the School.

Tasneem Ahmed says that the idea of ​​the project was developed when they were assigned by the school to establish a small company that produces a new product that has not been produced yet. After surveying at schools and universities in Qatar, it was learnt that there is an urgent need for fire resistant suit to protect them in times of risk and during eviction.

A student named Jawahir Al-Shaabi designed the suite  and submitted a proposal for its manufacture at ECo Qatar.  The company responded to proposal and sent the design to a manufacturing plant in Germany, where the company connected the manufactures with school students.  It was finally manufactured,  and submitted it to Civil Defense who in turn approved the implementation of the idea. Al-Risala school won best student product award by Injaz for this product on Qatari independent school level.

Students look forward to accomplishing some other projects in the future to help save lives and maintain security during evacuation operations in dangerous stages, such as making ta muzzle to protect against toxic gas emissions during the fire and implementation of a oxygen tube to help people to breathe in addition to the buzzer specially made for use in times of risk to locate people in need of rescue .

Student Taif Jamal commented that this experiment with the support of the ‘Injaz’ gave her a positive impetus to explore more and opened the door for creativity in her future life and she aspired to develop the project further in the future.

Ms. Lamia Aqil also stressed that the project earned great admiration from different corners including the public and supporting entities such Eco and Injaz, as this product will be useful for the protection of individuals. She also felt that that this project has given a momentum for students to be entrepreneurs of the future. It also strengthened their love of teamwork and taught them how to face the challenges and difficulties.