Strong winds, dusty conditions forecast for Qatar

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The Qatar Met department has warned of strong winds by Friday afternoon and dusty conditions in different parts of the country, including Doha.

It has also said visibility will be low in some places in the early hours due to fog. Offshore areas, too, are likely to experience strong winds along with high seas.

The wind speed is expected to reach 20kt by the afternoon, further increasing to 24kt in some places, according to the weather report. In offshore areas, the wind speed may go up to 30kt.

Visibility, meanwhile, may drop to 2km or less in some places at times.

It will be misty/foggy in some places at first, followed by slight to blowing dust during the day.

There is also a chance of scattered cloud development, which may be accompanied by rain in some areas, the Met office said.

Partly cloudy and slightly dusty conditions are expected in offshore areas.

The minimum and maximum temperatures in the country are expected to be 17C and 27C, respectively, with the forecast for Doha being 20C and 26C.

Abu Samra is likely to be the coolest at 17C and 25C.