Startup of the Week: How FRESH – To Your Door offers customers a healthy start!

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Every week ILQ features a different local startup in a segment called ‘Startup of the Week’. Qatar has some of the most creative, unique, and impactful startups in the region. We cover different startups across various industries in Doha, from fashion and beauty, to food and dining, health and education, and more! This week we’re featuring FRESH – To Your Door, a home-based food business that’s delivering healthfully homemade vegan cuisine to customers across Doha!

Established in April 2016 by South African expat Thomene Dilley, FRESH – To Your Door is all about nourishing body, mind, and soul while supporting local farmers and suppliers. A musician by trade and a passionate vegan home-cook, Dilley sought to expand what began as home deliveries amongst friends into a fully-fledged registered home business in Qatar, in an effort to facilitate healthy options for an on-the-go lifestyle.

“Most people work long hours and don’t have time to prepare healthy meals,” explains Dilley. “FRESH offers a healthy option with the choice of four different menus with generous portioned meals delivered FRESH to your door daily. As a vegan food delivery service, we don’t use any disposable containers and use glass jars that go back into a recycling system. I started FRESH in April 2016 after a friend asked me to cook for her because she simply didn’t have time. Before I knew it I was making food across Doha!”

Each week Dilley plans new, unique menu options – with recurring favourites cropping up regularly. She says coming up with new concepts is inspiring and allows her culinary creativity to shine through. Walking us through each of her weekly menus she says: 

“The Twiggy menu is a light, but substantial salad menu for those keeping a close eye on their shape. The Comfort menu is salad-based but slightly heavier – usually packed with nuts, quinoa, beans, or chickpeas. The Mamma’s menu is for those wanting home-style stews, soups, Shepherd’s pie, and other meals that make you feel like you’re at home tucked in bed while your mother makes you something that warms your soul. 

The fourth menu is The I-Work-Late menu consisting of two meals a day, and usually a combination of the Twiggy and the Comfort menus. With winter on the way, FRESH customers can expect more warming foods and we’ll be introducing green juices in December along with three new menus catering for athletes, new mothers who are breastfeeding, and for the convalescing.”

Over the last year and a half, Dilley has seen her small home-based delivery service flourish into a full-time job as more people in cater embrace the benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet. This, for her, is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job – seeing people change their opinion about vegan dishes.

“A huge portion of the meat-eating community think that vegetables are bland on their own, and soon realize it’s not the case,” she says. “Mix up salads with nuts, seeds, fruits, certain pulses, and delicious dressings and sauces – and voila! A delighted palate and a happy tummy! Witnessing this is very rewarding! And one of my favourite parts of deliveries? All the fur babies I have the pleasure to meet. At FRESH we’re huge animal lovers so we end up making lasting friendships with many dogs and cats...and their humans!”

Dilley tries to source as many of her ingredients organically from Qatar’s local farmer’s markets, and customers can look forward to some enticing new collaborations coming up for December.

“We’ve also welcomed Joanna and Diego Dallimore to the FRESH family,” says Dilley. “She’s introduced her range of Kombucha (fermented green or black tea), or as Joanna calls it ‘JObucha’. She makes plain Kombucha and others with incredible flavours, all natural of course using fruits and spices. She also has her wingman Diego. He’s the utterly adorable Chihuahua that accompanies her while she assists me with deliveries! You can’t miss the team! Joanna always has the most fabulous colourful hair, and Diego just oozes charm! Now, they’re part of the FRESH family!” 

Now that’s ajeeb!

So, how can new customers get in touch for their own FRESH orders? “They can check out the FRESH – To Your Door page and group on Facebook. The page is geared towards eye candy with photographs of our food, while the group is where the menus are uploaded every Saturday, packed with more information. You can place orders by 3:00 p.m. every Saturday afternoon, or find out more by via WhatsApp on +974 6661-4643.  

About FRESH – To Your Door

Phone: +974 6661-4643

Facebook: @freshdoha (group)

Instagram: @freshdoha

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