The St. Regis Doha Captures the Spirit of Ramadan with beIN

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The St. Regis Doha, the finest address in Qatar, will be taking its majestic Ramadan tents to new heights during the Holy Month with The St. Regis Ramadan Souq at The Grand Ballroom. Once again, the Ballroom is being transformed into a complete Ramadan experience with award-winning promise. The St. Regis Doha was presented previously with the QTA Award for “The Finest Ramadan Tent in Qatar” following exuberant feedback from citizens and visitors GCC wide.  


The St. Regis Ramadan Souq will be serving both Iftar and Suhour daily with guests losing themselves in the wondrous streets of the Ramadan Souq while discovering favourite local dishes which have been created from traditional recipes and using a broad selection of contemporary cuisine from across the globe. The Ramadan Souq promises to excite with its sounds and sights, as diners complete their culinary journey with a selection of scrumptious sweets and delicious desserts, all created by The St. Regis’s talented pastry chefs.