A sneak peek at City Center’s upcoming new look

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Whenever you are visiting the City Center Doha Mall, other than noticing the big picture of Khalifa Al Haroon A.K.A Mr. Q of iloveqatar.net Cool 

you've probably also seen some new shops, spaces that are closed and construction inside and outside of some part of the Mall. This is due to a major renovation project that they are working on. The ILQ team spoke to Mr Baris Sezen, the Center Manager and found out about the facelift that your favourite Mall is going to get.

City Center Mall is one of the oldest and biggest shopping malls in Qatar. It is popular on it's location at the center of West Bay area surrounded by the beautiful towers of Doha, the capital city of Qatar. It has an Ice rink, Cinema, an Entertainment City , 2 Food courts and variety of botiques and commercial businesses.

Mr Sezen mentioned that the Mall will have fine dinning options and many more brands. However, he also added that these brands would mostly be consumer friendly and not the highend ones. Considering the magnimity of the task and the fact that the construction work is going on while the Mall is operating in full swing, the makeover will take time and will be complete by 2018.

Here's how it will look like! 

Entry Court

Central Square

Wood Piazzetta

Toilet Halls

West Square 

West Food Court

West Main Hall

East Food Court

Main Mall Travelators

The project includes the renovation of the existing Main Mall and squares and also, there will be direct access connecting the Mall to the adjoining 5-star hotels, Marriott Courtyard & Renaissance, Shangri-la and Merweb Grand City Centre.

It truly is an amazing transformation! Can't wait until it's done. What do you think ? If you like this, you might also like to see Once these Malls open - Qatar will never be the same!