Sick of Sandstorms? Qatar's out-of-the-box fight against the Sand

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By Noor Odeh



Qatar is a beautiful country, which has a desert for a biome. Unfortunately, for a country that is a desert, sandstorms are an annual occurrence.


The Ministry of Environment found ways to both prevent the extinction of native Qatari trees, and to use those trees to keep the sand in place when sandstorms strike.  


In 2014, the Ministry of Environment started distributing Qatari trees in various arid areas around Qatar, excluding Doha. They aim to rehabilitate places where the environment like sandstorms, animals, and people destroy plants. By placing trees in the same area, they would act as a border to keep the sand in place when a sandstorm hits.


Plants that naturally grow in Qatar include Qatari Ghaf, Samar, and Al Awsaj trees.