Sharp drop in temperature with strong winds

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Warm clothes were out in Doha and other parts of the country thanks to a sharp drop in the temperature.

The cold spell is likely to continue on Tuesday, along with strong winds and low visibility due to dusty conditions, the Qatar Met department has said.

The weather report also forecasts strong winds and high seas in the offshore areas.

The minimum temperature is expected to drop to 11C Tuesday, at Abu Samra, while the maximum will be around 19C in the country. The forecast for Doha is 14C and 19C.

Yesterday, too, the mercury level in Doha was seen dropping below 15C on certain occasions, according to, prompting many people to bring out their jackets as they tried to cope with the strong, chilly winds and the resultant low temperature.

The wind speed is expected to range from 15-25kt in inshore and 20-30kt in offshore areas, respectively, and may go up to 35kt in both areas at times.

Visibility, meanwhile, may again drop to 2km or less at times.

Slight to blowing dust, especially in the open areas, is expected in the country on Tuesday, along with scattered clouds. It will be particularly cold by night, according to the Met department.

The sea level may rise to 14ft in offshore areas, which will see partly cloudy and slightly dusty conditions.