Scattered rains likely today

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The weather bureau has been forecasting scattered rains for the past several days — today being no exception. However, asked why the forecasts were going wrong, a veteran researcher and analyst at the bureau kept up a brave face and said that was not true. 

It has been raining, he said. “But in remote areas and maybe those are very light and brief rains.”

“For today, though, I assure you, there are chances of scattered rains and all over. The rains will first lash central parts of the country and then spread,” said Abdullah Al Mannai. 

He told this newspaper yesterday: “The rain forecasts are based on cloud formations. So sometimes it rains and sometimes I may rain a little farther”.

The bureau, meanwhile, said in a routine forecast for today that scattered rains may lash the country with thunder and sudden high wind.

The weather could, thus, be cloudy, and in the seas a little rainy and dusty as well. Northeasterly to northerly winds may move at speeds of 15 to 31.5km an hour and at times even increasing to 56km an hour during thundery rain. 

By the evening the wind may lose steam. Offshore, northeasterly to southeasterly wind may move of speed from 33 to 52km an hour. The maximum and minimum temperatures would be 30 to 36 degrees C. Doha will witness daytime temperature at 34 degrees C, while nightly temperature will be 29 degrees C.