Run the Sports Day Heroes marathon this National Sport Day!

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Giovanna Albanese

Tomorrow residents across the country of Qatar will celebrate National Sport Day in many different ways! With numerous places to go and activities to do, there is one activity you can access at any place and at any time – the new Qatari mobile game, Sports Day Heroes!

This game was created by Space Crescent LLC, which is a small Qatari company that was founded in 2015 by Abdulrahman Al-Thani and Faisal Al-Kubaisi – friends who share a passion for game development. This passion is a commonality among the entire Space Crescent team, which consists of members from different Gulf countries. The team’s shared passion is the driving force behind their work, which is evident in the five previously published and still available for free to download mobile apps that they created.

The Space Crescent team has once again put their passion to practice by creating Sports Day Heroes! This game, along with those before it, are great examples of the company’s mission, which is to provide digital content for entertainment that is inspired by the Arab region and culture. Created in celebration of Qatar’s National Sport Day, Sports Day Heroes is a game that is simple to play but hard enough to master!

In Sports Day Heroes, players run a marathon along the Doha Corniche while collecting gems to unlock new characters, jumping to avoid different obstacles like barriers and seagulls, and getting power-ups to surpass the hurdles ahead.

Get ready, as there are lots of obstacles randomly placed throughout the game, so you don’t know when it will become more challenging, or when it may even come to an end! To help navigate the obstacles, the game has seven playable characters that were designed to represent people living in Qatar. Each character is unique in their speed and skills, so check them all out to see who helps you make it the farthest in the game, and who may, unfortunately, lend to your loss.

If you happen to lose, you have the option to restart from the beginning or buy a 1up life to start from a checkpoint, keep the points that you’ve collected, and continue without starting over. If you want to collect even more, the game also supports ads and sponsored ad videos, which you can watch to earn 100 gems. Or, if you want, you can remove the ads permanently, by purchasing the “remove ads” button.

At the end of the game, users can submit their points to the leaderboard and even have the option to share it on social media channels. However, these post-game features may not be available without Internet connection, unlike the game itself, which is accessible and can be played with or without Internet.

This 2D mobile game for iOS and Android devices is a must-have! It can be played anywhere and at any time, so download it for free today in the App Store and the Google Play Store!

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