Ritz Carlton Doha to host the Philippine Investments Conference this 16th February 2017

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Mega Cervantes

After a rigorous selection process in compliance to Philippine government standards and procedures, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), being the frontline Philippine government agency dedicated to the effective management & promotion of economic zones in the Philippines has officially designated the Ritz Carlton Doha as the venue of the Philippine Investments Conference this coming 16 February 2017.

Said venue was selected for its unique amenities and prestige of high patronage from Qatar’s wealthy elite not to mention it’s competitive business rates. Formalizing the events contract was Mr. Joseph Timothy Rivera, Special Advisor to the PEZA Director General for the Middle East & Northern Europe and Ritz Carlton Conference & Sales Executives Javier Bara Gonzalez and Michelle Bonbon.

Said conference is part of a 3-nation roadshow will also serve as a precursor to the possible state visit of President Rodrigo Duterte to the region at a later date. This gathering will feature exclusive Philippine investment offerings to high net worth Qatari businessmen such as ZERO Taxes, Customs duty & VAT exemptions, 100% foreign owned entities and 75-year leasehold on landed business to name a few. This exclusive 1 day summit will be presented by a high level delegation of Philippine Government officials led by PEZA Director General Charito Plaza and key members of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, the PEZA Group Manager for Promotions & public relations Mr. Elmer San Pascual may be contacted at +632 5513438 and at info@peza.gov.ph.