Ramadan an occasion for culinary delights at The Pearl-Qatar

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Doha, Qatar – July 24, 2012: With the early advent of Ramadan this summer, prolong the holiday
fun as The Pearl-Qatar invites you to embark on a delightful culinary and retail journey around the

Explore the exhilarating offers that will make this an unforgettable season of rediscovering The
Pearl-Qatar. This surreal Island will be beautifully ornamented to welcome the Holy month of
Ramadan in addition to its manicured lawns, landscaped greens and the stunning view of the pristine
Arabian Gulf waters that all inspire a unique kind of living environment.

Navigating through the variety of Ramadan menus offered by Hospitality Development Company’s
(HDC) restaurants, we choose our first stop closer to home at Burj Al-Hamam. A spacious and idyllic
corner in Porto Arabia’s 1 La Croisette, Burj Al-Hamam boasts exclusive Iftar and Suhour a la carte
menu, with live entertainment to enchant Suhour diners.

For a more casual taste of Lebanon, Al-Tabkha restaurant offers healthy homemade Lebanese
cuisine in a family friendly environment. Ramadan dining is made convenient at Al-Tabkha with a
choice of an Iftar buffet, a Suhoor special menu and for the first time, a Ramadan meal delivered to
your doorstep in uniquely designed practical packaging.

Liza restaurant adds a new taste to old favorites, while remaining authentic to the much-loved
Lebanese fare. With a heightened contemporary twist during Ramadan, Liza in Porto Arabia’s 6
La Croisette embodies a Churrasco style Iftar consisting of a grill all you can eat menu, specially
designed to please your palate.

Known for its fusion gastronomy, Pampano is most famous for breeding the innovative concept of
fine Tex-Mex dining with an Asian influence. With a rich set menu for Iftar and a la carte Suhour
dinner, Pampano pledges a wild gastronomical adventure that you will absolutely savor.

Hinting at Asian twists, Tse-Yang is truly in a league of its own, being a true incarnation of posh
Chinese cuisine. Open daily for Suhour, Tse-Yang is bustling with activity: live cooking stations of
Peking Duck, dim sum, noodles, and much more.

Further to the East and definitely a connoisseur’s favorite, Megu in Porto Arabia’s 10 La Croisette, is
considered the ultimate sophisticated and modern Japanese eatery. A special set five-course Suhour
menu every night during Ramadan and open Sushi every Wednesday, we promise everything at
Megu is worth lingering over.

The final leg of our voyage takes us all the way to Alison Nelson’s chocolate bar New York, a slick,
chic and stylish café offering sandwiches, salads, desserts, delicious chocolates and ice-cream.
Whether you opt for the light Suhour afternoon tea concept or for the customized hampers with
highly praised Chocolate Bar sweets, you are sure to have the sweetest ending to this delectable
journey of culinary delights.

Whether you prefer Asian, Middle-Eastern or fusion cuisine; casual or fine-dining; The Pearl-Qatar is
your one-stop destination to some of the top notch venues that Doha has to offer during Ramadan.

Being equally an icon of retail indulgence, The Pearl-Qatar cordially invites you to experience
shopping at its finest, with an irresistible promotion. For every 500 Qatari Riyals spent shopping at
The Pearl-Qatar during the month of Ramadan, you will be awarded a 150 Qatari Riyal gift voucher

to use at your leisure around the Island’s many retail shops.