Qommunity Voices: Spreading positivity through empowerment

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In an effort to spread more positivity around Doha, Evridiki Iliaki — more popularly known as Evry — uses her skills and expertise as a certified Life Coach at How Women Work Doha (HWW), and helps many people transform their lives for the better.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching involves a very hands-on relationship between a coach and a client. A number of different life aspects are explored and assessed, such as business successes, personal life, relationships, and more. 

Growing in popularity, life coaching is seen as a better alternative to therapy as it greatly helps people’s performance in the workplace. It has a greater impact on improving market value as it increases people’s productivity.

Life coaches, like Iliaki, help people to discover more about themselves and also help them to achieve their potential best.

“My business and life coaching is based on the Ancient Greek Socratic Method that was also used in the Olympic Games,” said Iliaki. “It is an amazing method that [uses] positive and motivational psychology to help people set and achieve their dream goals.”

Early beginnings

Iliaki was born in Greece, and since youth, always acquired a feeling of fulfillment in helping others. Iliaki started working in the media industry at a very young age and began her journey by tackling issues of environmental awareness.

Inspired by her father who works as the director of a charity foundation, she developed an affinity for non-profit work.  

“I think since I was young I felt that community and non-profit work was my true purpose and coaching was a means to achieve it,” said Iliaki.

Iliaki has studied counseling and coaching at renowned universities and has worked in the United Kingdom. She has also spent a significant number of years working in a school in her home country, Greece. 

“I have concentrated particularly on career and life coaching and I have extensive experience with counseling youth,” Iliaki said.

Due to her experience and expertise, Iliaki has collected a number of various honors and accolades under her belt. Her areas of expertise are in teaching, business, and life coaching. Iliaki has also hosted a series of seminars where she was a motivational speaker on topics related to self-development.

How Women Work

In 2015, Iliaki moved to Doha and joined as the head of HWW. Iliaki switched from counseling and hosting workshops, trainings, and motivational talks in organizations for people around the world to specializing these services specially for women here in Qatar. 

HWW has helped support more than 7,300 women in Qatar to grow and succeed since its inception in 2009. It’s one of the most engaging and most content-driven women’s initiatives in Qatar. Through trainings, personal coaching, and motivational talks, HWW aims to help professional women to establish a tailor-made and fulfilling lifestyle that will help them to have a successful professional and personal life.

A number of different workshops and programs are held under the patronage, or rather, “matronage”, of HWW. The HWW organization has introduced a new success and wellness program that takes place every month, teaching women how to be more successful.

“This year HWW is asking the support from individuals, organizations and companies that share our values to be our partners and sponsors,” Iliaki said. “The main goal this year is that part of our funds will go to our ‘Complimentary Ladies in Need Support Group.’”

HWW’s life coaching programs have greatly helped many women who have participated. According to Iliaki’s survey, many have changed their lifestyle and acquired a work and life balance. 

“They have reduced stress, some have found their true career purpose, and have managed to attract more wealth, health, love,” Iliaki said. “Depending on their needs we have managed to get them a new, holistic, successful lifestyle, tailor made for them.”

Building the community

When asked whether there was a noticeable difference between life coaching in Qatar and abroad, Iliaki said that there needs to be more of a sense of community.

“This is what HWW is trying to do and we have already achieved up to a point to have a community that feels like a family. We get so many expat women turning to us for support and help,” Iliaki said. “We have a long, respectful relationship with the local and Arab community. We feel we are contributing towards creating a more homely community for all.”

Iliaki also offers private sessions and corporate workshops that both women and men can attend.

Making a difference

Iliaki hopes to continue to help people and spread positivity in Doha and all over the world. Many women who attend the HWW workshops have been positively impacted by the latest success and wellness program that they have been hosting.

“I am so happy we can help people to make positive changes and live a fulfilling, healthy and successful life,” Iliaki said. “I feel very positive that our presence is a message to women that we should support each other, stand together strong so we all help each other but also help for the positive development of our society.”

Iliaki wants to invite all women in Doha to attend HWW and to be a part of their community. HWW particularly wants to invite local women in particular in order to help the organization get closer to the local community, in order to highlight the solidarity between women.

“We are all blessed to live in a safe country that has welcomed all of us and helps us to flourish, so we should all work together in harmony to contribute to its great development as well,” Iliaki said. “I would love to share more with all of you on the 13th of February in City Centre Rotana at 6:00 pm.”

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