Qatar Volunteers in it's 9th Year Iftar Drive Campaign

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Mega Cervantes

Qatar Volunteers  successfully have been distributing out  2,500 iftar packets to  the motorists  on the streets  and  signals  of  Toyota, Ramada and Al Sadd as part of a campaign to spread awareness among all motorists to drive safe and reach safe.

The Iftar Drive Campaign became an annual Qatar Volunteers  tradition under Speed Oli and is now in it’s  9th year and is supported by Loyola International School
and SD Salman Jewellers

 About 100 volunteers donated ,participated and distributed  Iftar packs to those motorists who are getting late and trying to reach their loved ones to open the fast with them. Most of the cases motorists who are fasting does not have anything with them to break the fast while they are still driving and in this instance they panic and drive fast to reach their destination as soon as possible which in many cases leads to minor to major accidents.

This is where Qatar Volunteers come to help them to break their fast and we tell them please break your fast and not to panic or rush to reach your home, drive safely, your loves ones are waiting for you on the Iftar Dinner.

The packing took placed on June 17 and the actual distribution of Iftar packs was on 18th June.

Qatar Volunteers is the only group in Qatar who started the 1st Iftar Drive campaign in Ramadan in the year 2008. Toady several online groups, corporate companies and even individuals (families) who were inspired by our Iftar campaign are doing the Iftar Drive on the streets of Doha.

Loyola International School opened their premises  where thousands iftar items which includes drinking water bottles, assorted juices, dates, Mamoul biscuits are kept and held for packing and SD Salman Jewellers generously offered Iftar dinner for all the volunteers.

Mabrouk Qatar Volunteers and Ramadan Kareem to all our Muslim brothers &