Qatar shares joy of winning Global Biking Initiative with Saudi.

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Qatar participated and won in the Global Biking Initiative 2017, which is an exponentially expanding cycling community with the goal to raise funds for charities in more than 20 countries. Qatar has won this event for the third time in 2017. Qatar has been taking part since 2015 and has been winning ever since.



Image source: @qatarcyclist 


ILQ had the opportunity to speak with one of the founding member of the Qatar Cyclist Team, Dr. Jamal Al-Khanji who gave us an insight about the GBI tour. According to Al-Khanji, throughout the three years of fundraising, Qatar dedicated their wins to renovating schools in Gaza. The Qatar Cyclist Team also has regular weekly training sessions in an attempt to attract prospective cyclists.




This time, not only did Qatar win but they also shared their joy of victory with the Saudi team, who were also present. The image and video from the event perfectly represents the spirit and unity expressed by the Qatari cyclists at an international platform. This act of sportsmanship represents solidarity amongst the two countries despite the current political situation.



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